2014 Flooring Trends for Massachusetts Floors

With so many new products available, 2014 will certainly be an exciting year in the flooring industry.  If you are planning on having new flooring installed in your Massachusetts home, be sure to consider these options for 2014.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has been around for a long time, but what we are seeing recently is an explosion of colors and textures.  Bamboo is technically a fast growing grass that is as hard as or harder than most hardwoods when dried.  Bamboo flooring is now offered in wide plank styles that mimic the look of classic hardwoods.  As with all hardwoods, it is best to avoid installing them in moisture prone areas like bathrooms.  But certainly, the most exciting thing about bamboo is the fact that it is a fast growing, extremely sustainable and eco-friendly way of updating your flooring.

Large Sized Tiles

If you are thinking about installing new tile in your home, think about using these tiles that are becoming more and more popular.  Large tiles come in a variety of sizes, textures and colors.  These tiles come in 12×24 or even 36×36 as opposed to the old standard, 12×12.   Installing large tiles will give your room a totally  updated and unique look.  Large format tiles are heavy and should be installed by a professional tile installer like Masters Touch.  This will ensure that the sub-floor is of adequate strength and perfectly level to make sure the job looks perfect.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

I know, you would never have used the term luxury when describing vinyl flooring in the past, but trust me, today’s vinyl flooring options are not your parent’s vinyl flooring.  Luxury vinyl flooring is a relatively new category of flooring that combines the realistic look of hardwood or stone with the durability of vinyl.  Because it will stand up to moisture and has anti-microbial protection built in, it is a perfect fit for remodeling your kitchen, bath or laundry room.  Today’s vinyl does share one common thread with the old peel and stick stuff – it is still a pleasure to walk on.  Masters Touch in Holliston, MA carries a full line of expertly installed luxury vinyl products from Metrofloor and Shaw Floors for your home remodeling project.

American Hardwoods

For Boston area homeowners who truly want a sustainable wood flooring product, Masters Touch recommends responsibly harvested American hardwoods.  Unlike exotic products  which are shipped from the other side of the world, we can buy hardwoods which are sourced from only a few hundred miles away.  In North America the forestry industry does a good job of replenishing our forests as they are harvested.  Classic hardwoods like oak, maple and hickory are all excellent choices.  At Masters Touch we pledge to only use hardwoods that are responsibly sourced and conform to the standards set forth by the Forest Stewardship Council.*

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

If you are really serious about the environment and want to feel great  about remodeling project, consider using reclaimed wood.  Reclaimed wood is simply wood that has been taken out of a previous project and re-used in your project.  The wood can be old flooring or large beams that have been removed and reworked to fit your needs in your new remodeling project.

When using reclaimed wood you are not only adding beauty and loads of character to your project, but you are also helping to preserve precious natural resources.   Also, your reclaimed wood will probably have some kind of story behind it that you can share with your friends.  It may have come from a century old church, factory or some other historical source!

At Masters Touch in Holliston, MA we try our very best to deconstruct each project responsibly so that many of the materials may be recycled for use in other design build or remodeling projects.  If you are planning a renovation at your home, consider some of these flooring ideas and work with a green remodeling company like Masters Touch!  Being environmentally conscious while building a healthy and safe living space is  of utmost importance at Masters Touch.

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