5 Design Trends in Residential Construction

5 Design Trends in Residential Construction

I work with scores of clients every year. Each project is different but there are some overall trends that are likely here to stay for the long haul:

  1. Open Floorplan – Yes, this idea has been around for a while. However now, we remove walls in the majority of our remodeling projects and open floorplans are increasingly being featured in new construction primary homes, condos and secondary homes. It starts with the kitchen and expands outward from there, creating a large, open layout where families can multitask and still be together. Additional windows should be included in any open floorplan, to bring the outside in.
  2. Freestanding tubs – We have seen a surge in freestanding tubs, primarily in the master bath. More people are removing the whirlpools in favor of freestanding soaking tubs, eliminating the boxed-in tub deck look. This creates a dramatic focal point and often gives the space a more open, spacious feel. There are many styles available: vintage claw-foot, transitional and ultra-modern looks.
  3. Quartz and Quartzite countertops – Granite is still very popular and is a good, quality material. Quartz and Quartzite, however have come on strong due to their reputation as a stone that’s pretty indestructible. The leading quartz manufacturers are coming up with authentic marble looks without the drawbacks of the real thing: staining and comparable softness. Quartz is 2/3 natural quartz and 1/3 man-made composite, allowing manufacturers to create good-looking colors. Quartzite is a natural stone. Both have become very popular!
  4. Porcelain imitation wood tile flooring – The options for this popular material are becoming numerous: they are available in various linear plank sizes as well as more traditional squares and rectangles. There are many different colors, grain options and pattern variation (for a more realistic look) similar to hardwood flooring, but also comparably indestructible. This is a greast option in a high traffic area or one exposed to moisture.
  5. Storage – Rarely do I design a project without including plenty of specialized storage. People want everything in its place. More often than not, we’re reducing the size of an extra bedroom in favor of a well-planned and spacious master walk-n closet. The majority of my new kitchen designs includes a butler’s pantry, often with prep space, secondary appliances and open storage. Mudrooms have become a very popular space, always with multiple lockers and other storage cabinets. Minimizing clutter is a big trend in design today.

Designer’s advice: as I mentioned, each project is different and each client has a different objective for their project. These trends are not for everyone; typically, one or two will apply, but I’ll always weigh the pros and cons to make sure we collectively select the right option for the space. And most importantly, I want the design to be timeless and classic, regardless of the style.

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