5 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer When Building, Planning and Addition or Remodeling Your Home in Massachusetts

If you are building a home or planning an addition or remodel of your home, it is important to make sure you have an interior designer on your team to help you avoid mistakes that you will undoubtedly regret later!  The builder and architect will create the footprint and provide a good working plan that will get you 90% of the way.  But, a professional interior designer is specifically trained to arrange the interior space so it meets the specific function and flow you are seeking.  The planning of the interior space BEFORE your plans are finalized is worth every penny and will make all of the difference in the success of your project!

Building, Remodeling, or an Addition Planned? What an Interior Designer Brings to Your Project

Below are 5 examples of important considerations when planning your next big project:

  1. If you are integrating multiple focal points within a space (i.e. Fireplace and built-ins with TV in a family room addition), the size and placement of each along with that of windows and walls will need to be analyzed and possibly adjusted for balance and proportion as well as coordinated with furniture arrangement, the number of seats you want, traffic flow and several other factors.  Your designer will make this all happen and make the necessary changes to the plan.
  2. Kitchen and/or bathroom remodel: make sure the plan is professionally designed so you will get the best possible layout within the space.  Your interior designer may find that by moving a window slightly, you will gain more storage and receive better natural light.  Or, by removing or shortening one wall in the plan, you will gain an island!  If this is done beforehand, you will avoid much unnecessary cost and receive a better functioning space.
  3. Having trouble visualizing?  Your interior designer will provide you with scale drawings of the space before the project even starts!  These will be 3-D computer renderings with views of every angle of the room.  Colors, textures and finishes can be added giving you a more realistic look at your new room(s)!  You will be able to see the space for yourself which will allow you to make any changes or adjustments to the plan before finalizing it.
  4. Make your finishes and materials selections ahead of time!  The interior designer will help you with tasteful selections that will bring out your style as well as provide the “look” of the space.  You can receive assistance with selecting tile, stone, flooring, fixtures, furniture, fabric, window treatments, rugs, wall color, artwork, accessories, cabinetry, hardware, etc.  Anything that is specified for the project should be selected and ordered with delivery guarantees before any work should begin, to avoid any delays in the progress. Your designer will help you with this process and pull everything together!
  5. Lighting – don’t forget to have a lighting plan done as part of the design phase.  This is the most important decision you can make.  The interior designer will specify the correct types of lighting that will be needed to create the desired effect as well as providing adequate task lighting where it’s needed.  Typically the designer will coordinate the lighting design with the electrician.

All too often we see large budget projects that were not thoroughly planned end up with unnecessary  and costly changes, regrets or simply a boring unbalanced space lacking in personality or aesthetics.  The fees you will pay to hire an interior designer will be far less than the value he or she will bring to the table!  Don’t skimp on this necessary step!  Here at Masters Touch in Medfield, MAwe provide all of the above services to our clients and we work closely with our architects to achieve the best possible design!  This is a major difference between a general contractor and a design-build firm like Masters Touch!

Another Big Point of Difference when working with Masters Touch:   Our clients have the advantage of using our Showroom (conveniently located on thecorner of Main St. and Janes Ave. in the center of Medfield, MA) as a valuable resource featuring the majority of materials and samples needed for their projects!

Contact me (Nancy Werneken at 508-359-5900 x 204,nancy@www.businesswebsitedesignersmass.com).  As  a seasoned professional interior designer here at Masters Touch,  we can work together to make your dream of building a new home, an addition or remodeling a reality!

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