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Can I Afford an Interior Designer?

It’s true this service isn’t for every budget.  But, the value of a good interior designer is undeniable.  In general if you have enough of a budget for a renovation, update or even a color change, allocate the design fees. The other part of the answer is: if you don’t, the end result will likely come up short.
A common misconception: hiring an interior designer is an unaffordable “extra” and designers charge too much for their time. The truth is, if you value the beauty and balance of your interior surroundings and the potential that is there, it’s not an extra. Also, most people don’t know what an interior designer does or how long the process takes. That definition is for another day but rest assured they do a lot more than play with pretty things and pick out colors. Before you decide, remember this: If a designer gives you an estimate of hours needed for a project, assume he or she will spend more time than the estimate (usually 20% more) – this is a time-consuming process! You will get your money’s worth!
Okay, let’s assume you have identified a need for an interior designer. The amount you’ll want to budget will depend on the scope of your project. Designers charge between $100 and $200 per hour for their services, in general. Here at Masters Touch, we currently charge $125 per hour. The designer will provide a project estimate of time needed based on an introductory meeting where you’ll provide the information: scope, function and objectives. Usually, travel is included in the estimate, so plan accordingly. Some additional guidelines: most designers offer a minimum package (for a simple color consultation, general on-site design consultation or small window treatment project for example). Our minimum package is $500 for up to (4) hours. Each project is unique so an estimate should be provided but a typical bathroom remodel including conceptual ideas, space planning, drawings, selections, pricing, administrative and related management time will start at approximately 20 hours. Kitchens start at around 30 hours. Larger projects go up from there, depending on the size and scope.
Hopefully this starts to give you an idea of the cost (and benefit) of hiring a professional interior designer! Please contact us to discuss the possibilities and we’ll estimate your next design project so your budget includes this valuable service.
Masters Touch is a full-service Design Build firm located in Holliston, MA. Nancy Werneken is the lead interior designer.

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