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Color Trends for 2014

Color Trends for 2014

Pantone is the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries. The PANTONE® name is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer.

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Pantone has crowned “Radiant Orchid” the 2014 Color of the Year.  It is the top-right color in their 10-color Spring 2014 selections below.  There are several coordinating tones that would work well with this fun color!  Pairing it with a deep olive green is a great, fresh and current color combination.  It can also be combined with a vibrant, deep turquoise or a rich, yellow-gold.

When discussing color trends, my clients will often ask me, “Is gray still in?”  The answer is, gray is here to stay and is still very current.  If it works for you, try selecting a gray with a twist – choose a gray with a slight tint of color.  Gray with a touch of green, blue or brown, paired with a darker tone of whichever tint you choose would provide a great starting palette.   Then punch up the pair with a bright complimentary tone as an accent color – perhaps take your cue from Pantone and choose a soft or bright purple to accent the gray.

We’ll also see other pastels coming forward this year – think of Easter egg colors toned down.  These will be accented with bold, darker hues like a medium navy blue, pumpkin orange or an acid green.

Blue will also continue in popularity this year!  Paired with a light gray or white, this range of blues is fresh and sophisticated!

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The current trends in color are influenced by everything around us, coupled with the natural cycles of interior style.  When selecting colors and color combinations, there are many variables to consider.  Here are a few tips that should help you in deciding on your color scheme:

  1. When selecting wall colors, make this the last choice in your space.  Put together all of the other elements first.  The wall color will practically select itself!
  2. Select your color scheme based on your own personality and how you want the space to feel.  Do you want a vibrant, whimsical feel or a peaceful, austere feel?  Either way you will be safe by using neutral colors for the backdrop and adding a bolder tone for accents.  The amount of personality you get will depend on how much and how bright your accent color is.
  3. Use your color sense with fashion to help with your color sense in designing your space.   Fashion trends clearly influence interior design trends.  Keep this in mind and your confidence level as well as your results will be elevated!

Once your overall color scheme is decided, the rest of the space will evolve a bit more easily.  However, if you’re generally unsure of yourself or overwhelmed with the very idea of selecting colors (or anything else) and you live within driving distance of MetroWest Boston, contact me and I’ll be happy to come to your home, consult with you and  provide a color analysis or full interior design recommendations for your space!

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