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Creative Storage Solutions For Kitchens and Baths

Creative Storage Solutions For Your Kitchen and Bath

One of the most common questions I get as a designer is regarding clever organizational options and creative storage solutions for kitchens and baths. People want to take advantage of as much space as possible, especially space that would otherwise be wasted. This is particularly true in the kitchen and bathroom, where there are often several items that need to be stored, but at times, limited space to do so. Here are some of my favorite space saving storage solutions in cabinet design from Masterbrand Cabinetry.


Toekick Drawer:

Diamond Cabinetry Toekick Drawer, Masters Touch Design Build, Storage solutions
Diamond Cabinetry Toekick Drawer

When I am putting a kitchen layout together, one storage solution I always try to incorporate is the toekick drawer. I think this feature is my favorite hidden storage solution because it takes advantage of space that is otherwise ALWAYS wasted. The toekick drawer is a drawer underneath the cabinets in the kick space (where your toes go when you stand close to your cabinets). Though the drawer is short and located at the ground (and therefore, not super convenient to access), it still can serve a mighty purpose. I have seen the toekick drawer used as a place for flat baking sheets, a place for batteries and flashlights and the like, and a place for placemats and table linens. One client even used it as a junk drawer but liked that it was on the ground and slightly inconvenient to access, which made her have less junk in her junk drawer! The toekick drawer is the ultimate way to make “dead space” usable!





Wall Message Center:

diamond cabinetry wall message center -masters touch design build
Diamond Cabinetry Wall Message Center


Another hidden solution in the kitchen is the Wall Message Center. This 3” wide cabinet is meant to go on the end of a cabinet run. Instead of using a 3” wide filler piece somewhere along the cabinet run, this 3” wide cabinet end piece makes up the extra inches needed to complete the run, while also providing a very functional purpose. When you open the cabinet, the Wall Message Center features a white board, a place to hold pens and pencils, key hooks, and slots for the mail and other miscellaneous items. This can keep clutter off of the counters and make the kitchen organized and clutter-free!






Wood Tiered Cutlery Divider Drawer:

diamond cabinetry wall message center -masters touch design build, Masterbreand, wood tireed cutlery divider drawer, masters touch design build, storage solutions
Masterbrand Wood Tiered Cutlery Divider Drawer

Another culprit for wasted space in the kitchen is in drawers. Take a look at your silverware drawer at your house. Most likely, you have a cutlery divider of some kind, but take a look at how much space there is above the cutlery to the top of the inside of the drawer. Often, standard kitchen door/drawer base cabinets in kitchen cabinetry have a drawer that is deeper than what needs to be stored.   A solution? The Wood Tiered Cutlery Divider Drawer. This drawer insert takes advantage of the unused space in standard drawers by allowing for 2 levels of storage for silverware. The dividers are on a glide system, so you can just slide the top one back when you need to access the lower. Yet another excellent use of space!




Bath Mirror With Pull Out

Decora Cabinets Bathroom Mirror With Pull Outs, Masters Touch Design Build
Decora Cabinets Bathroom Mirror With Pull Outs

Of course, storage is needed in places besides the kitchen. My favorite solution in the bathroom is the brand new Mirror with Pull Out Storage, from Decora Cabinetry, a brand of Masterbrand. This is an answer to many issues in the bathroom when it comes to storage. While medicine cabinets certainly serve a purpose, some are bulky and lack style. With this mirror, you can coordinate the stain or finish to match your vanity. On either side of the mirror, there are pull outs so you can store many of your bathroom needs without taking up precious space on the counters or in the vanity. Genius!




If you are planning a kitchen or bath remodel and would like to see what storage solutions we can incorporate in to your space, contact us at We sell Decora Cabinets, Diamond Cabinets, and Diamond Vibe Cabinets, all sub-brands of Masterbrand.


Do you have any favorite storage solutions that take advantage of wasted space? Let me know in the comments below!


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