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Designing for Pets in Your Home

When planning a new design-build project or a remodeling a kitchen or bath, one of the first questions your architectural or interior designer will (or should) ask you is, “How do you and your family plan on using the space?” You could then go in to details of how your kids will need x-amount of space for homework, your spouse would like a charging station, you would like a space to get away, etc. But what about the furry four-legged family members? Believe it or not, more and more designs are featuring elements take the needs to the pets in to consideration. Here are some animal-friendly designs that can get those tails wagging!


Pet Grooming Station:

At Masters Touch, we are currently working on a project that includes creating a mudroom. In the mudroom, the clients want to have a “doggie shower” for their beloved golden retriever so they can wash him off after a romp in the muddy yard. Having a wash station that is just for the dog in the mudroom will be so much easier than bringing him upstairs to the hall bathroom, getting him in the bathtub, and hoping he stays in there whilst covered in suds. With a small curb and a low hand held showerhead, their pup will feel comfortable and relaxed during his “bath.” As a bonus, kids can use it to wash off dirty feet after playing outside before entering in to the main house!  We are working on one now–check back to see photos when it is done!


Ok, so what about the cats?

While most cats probably don’t want to be bathed at all, there are still ways to incorporate their needs in to your home. One common problem of cat owners in terms of décor is how to incorporate feline items such as scratching posts, beds, and “kitty trees” in to the design without them being obvious. However, strides have been made to add some flair to cat furniture so your home can have it all—a cat and a sense of style! Check out this cat tree called the Sophia Wall Mounted Cat Tree. It is disguised as a modern shelving unit, but your cat will love it!

Sophia Wall Mounted Cat Tree – $155.99

What else is out there?

There are plenty of other great options for incorporating your pets in to the design of your home. Tiles are available with basically anything on them, from dog bones to birds. What about putting in a pet door so your cat can get to the basement to the litter box or so your dog can get in from the back porch? Diamond Cabinetry, as well as other cabinetry brands, has even come up with cabinetry solutions that store the pet food dishes. So as you consider your next renovation project, consider the needs of your family, including the furry (or feathered) ones! They will be sure to thank you with unconditional love.

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