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De-stressing in the Workplace

De-stressing in the Workplace

After the six months of winter weather we had to muddle through in Massachusetts this year, we are now finally welcoming summer with open arms.  Ahh summer, a time for sipping lemonade and relaxing in a beach chair with no care in the world, right?

Well…sorta right.

Don’t get me wrong–summer is my favorite time of the year and has many relaxing moments, but at least in the remodeling industry, summer can be a very busy time. Where fall and spring are the busiest times for booking work, the pre-production and design phases of larger projects like additions and kitchen remodels often push in to the alternate months making them very busy for interior designers and production managers.  I feel like I am busier than ever!

To put it simply, this increased workload sometimes causes stress. Here are three tips that help with combating tension and de-stressing in the workplace!

1-Getting Fresh Air:

I discovered today (literally today!) that this is actually my favorite method.  Sitting in an office with cold, artificial air-conditioned air blowing on you all day can really skew your sense of what the day is like outside.  Even with an increase work load, just take five minutes to walk around your building, meander down the street, or just sit on a bench outside.  It is amazing what a little fresh air and sunshine on your face can do for your mood, vitamin D levels, and stress level!

2-Get Moving:

The majority of people in the workforce spend most of the day sitting, likely in a non-ergonomic and uncomfortable chair. A quick Google search of “the harms of sitting too much” yields hundreds of results.  Feeling overwhelmed with work, while sitting in a crappy chair that is probably causing you health issues (not to be too much of a Debbie Downer) is not a good situation. So get moving! Do a few jumping jacks at your desk to get your blood flowing and your heart rate up.  Some simple stretches can help calm your mind and re-center you. Even just getting up from you chair and walking to another point in the office (the fridge is my favorite place to walk to) will get the endorphins flowing to increase mood and focus.

3. Organize Your Work Space:

Probably once a week, even if it is on a super busy day, I need to pause for 30 minutes and organize my desk space. If your desk is cluttered, your brain is probably cluttered, too.  Putting away items you don’t need, getting rid of (read: recycling!) the old coffee cups, and filing miscellaneous papers will help you reset and then continue work with clear and uncluttered mind.

What do you do to de-stress during a busy time at work? Let me know in the comments below!

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