Project info

  • Project: Mudroom Remodel
  • Town: Medfield, MA

This Laundry and Mudroom renovation project was recently completed for a client in Medfield, MA. Our client from Overfield Estates was anxious to update her existing laundry and back-hall to get a fresh look and improved traffic flow throughout the space. The back-hall had closets that made the traffic flow a bit cramped and the laundry room (next to the back hall) was also inefficient, with free-standing appliances, cabinets, and a sink and base, all crowding the room, making it difficult to move around.

We accomplished everything she was looking for, in fact, we took the hall closets out completely and opened the entire back hall space, allowing for much better traffic flow. Then we designed and installed (4) large, custom lockers with an end bench seat incorporated, all in a white, painted maple with cherry wood tops to provide contrast and richness as well as another place for the kids to sit to take off boots, etc.  The laundry cabinets were built to match, providing visual flow between the spaces and a bright, airy feel throughout.  We also designed the sink base to be shallower but still functional and continued the countertop as an inverted “L” into the folding table, creating a clean look with more elbow room.  See the “before and after” floorplans to note the relatively simple changes made, that achieved a much larger impact!