Home Improvement MA : 3 Hiring Tips

Home Improvement MA : 3 Hiring Tips

Hiring a qualified home improvement MA contractor is something many homeowners struggle doing. It’s actually quite common in this industry. But why?

Over the years, I’ve seen many horror stories. They usually start with ideal plans and plenty of promises. Then end with double-digit budget increases, losses and even law suits. Almost always, it includes avoiding some these suggestions.

Home Improvement MA Hiring Tip #1

Hire locally. At least within 30 miles or so of your home.

The reason is simple. In an economy such as ours, there are many contractors who will travel hours to earn your job. Doing so is a hardship not only on their crew but the progress of your project.

Another reason to hire local is it’s far easier to follow up on references. There is nothing quite like learning about the workmanship of a contractor from someone nearby who’s hired them.

Home Improvement MA Hiring Tip #2

Does their history repeat itself?

Research the contractor’s history. A red flag worth noting is when the contractor uses new subcontractors all too often. The reasons are obvious. They can include:

  • Sporadic problems
  • Inconsistent manpower
  • Sub-standard workmanship

Another suggestion is to ask for subcontractor references. The more information you have the better.

Home Improvement MA Hiring Tip #3

Inspect liability and worker’s compensation insurance documentation. Then verify the policy is active.

In this electronic world, certificates of insurance can be forged.I recommend you ask for copies of all insurance documents along with the agent contact information. Remember, home improvement MA laws state that any type of injury or property damage that occurs is your responsibility if your contractor’s policy has lapsed (or doesn’t exist). A great way to weed out prospects is to review bids from companies in business for more than ten years.

Learn more about home improvement MA standards.

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