Home Improvements in Massachusetts

Home Improvements In Massachusetts – Getting the Most Out of Your Investment

Home Improvements In Massachusetts – Getting the Most Out of Your Investment

For many, our homes represent a reflection of ourselves – our style, our interests, even our personalities. We don’t live in a perfect world, but in our homes, we can design and customize to suit our own specific aesthetic choices and create our own environments. It’s our own personal microcosm – and a tremendous amount of enjoyment comes from a home that has a look that pleases us.

For others, buying a home is seen as an investment – and remodeling is done to improve upon that initial investment and make it worth even more to a future buyer. A newer home with modern features certainly is easier to sell than the proverbial “fixer-upper,” especially to those with little time or a limited knowledge of home improvements.

So where does that leave the homeowner in Massachusetts? Is there a safe middle ground for those who love their homes and aren’t currently considering selling but want to make an investment for their own enjoyment? Can you make logical decisions regarding home improvement that can equally meet the criteria of being a smart investment, but also one that is enjoyable as well?

The answer, thankfully, is yes.

Home improvements, including adding additions or updates to a family room, remodeling an outdated kitchen or bathroom, or adding fiber-cement siding to your home can not only bring added enjoyment to your home but can significantly increase value.

James Hardie Home Improvment
New siding on your home provides the #1 return on remodeling investments according to Remodeling Magazine.

For instance, going with fiber-cement siding (such as offered by James Hardie) can add to the appeal and look of a home. For 10 years in a row, Remodeling Magazine’s ‘Cost vs. Value Report’ states that re-siding your home provides the #1 return on remodeling on upscale projects – easily beating out foam-backed vinyl siding. For older folks, or for people with active lifestyles without the time to put into their homes, it provides a great alternative as it saves tremendously on upkeep and maintenance. Also, New England weather is traditionally harsh on the exterior of a home, and siding is easier to clean and can withstand the elements far better over an extended period of time. Nothing sells a home stronger than “curb appeal” and adding a quality siding product can really add sparkle to catch the eye of a prospective buyer.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling can also be a smart investment in the home. Even minor remodeling jobs can offer more than a 100% return! Many New England homes are older and have outdated kitchens and bathrooms and aren’t as functional or eye-catching as they were when first installed. These rooms tend to be the most used in the house and are very important features to prospective homebuyers! Safe investments for a kitchen can include all-wood cabinets, modern appliances, or natural wood floors. Replacing outdated Formica with attractive stone counter-tops is a sure-fire way to instantly add allure. Also, adding an additional bathroom to a home can increase the sale price by more than 8.7% and is always a bonus to a prospective home buyer.

Family rooms are also a great place to consider for your next remodeling project. A tremendous amount of leisure time is spent there and with modern technology becoming a huge part of our lives, families are enjoying home theater setups that make the most out of their big screen televisions and surround sound. Concealing speaker wiring and building cabinets to hide unsightly cable boxes, game systems, and media players can instantly remove clutter for a more pristine

Home Improvements Family Room Fireplace
Family rooms are a great place to consider for your next remodeling project.

appearance. Lighting is also very important to avoid glare on televisions and upscale fixtures can easily add a touch of class to an ordinary room. Choosing hardwood flooring to replace an existing carpet can instantly add value and enhance a room.  Considering an addition to upgrade the size of a family room is also a good investment – providing a 69.2% recoup of cost in the Boston area.

While considering the return on home investment, remodeling is obviously very important. It also has to be mentioned that the added byproduct of investing wisely is the added enjoyment that comes from a new-looking home – customized to your standards and not the original owners or interior designer. It adds a stamp that is definitively “you.” The key to investing wisely is choosing upgrades that you will love, but also that potential home-buyers would also find appealing in the event you choose to sell. Remember, working with a reputable and professional interior designer, design-build firm, or contractor will ensure your money is well spent. Avoid potential costly disappointment and maximize your return by only using top quality products that will look better and stand the test of time.

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