Home Resolutions for the New Year

I have never been very good at making resolutions for the new year, and this year was no different. We are just over a month in to the new year, and I am still not sleeping more, drinking more water, or leaving work at a reasonable hour. Thus, I decided that instead of making personal resolutions for myself, I would come up with a list of resolutions for the home that everyone could adhere to. It may be February, but it is never too late to make (and keep) some resolutions that will help you and your home have a great 2017. 

Resolution #1:  I will take down the Christmas wreath by Valentine’s Day.

There is a reason that this is number one on this list, and technically I would prefer it to say “by mid-January,” but I will take what I can get.  Christmas wreaths have no business hanging on the front door weeks after the holidays.  The dried up, slightly brown wreath is a sad reminder that the holiday season is over and we are stuck in the doldrums of winter for a while.  And since taking it down is basically as simple as opening the front door, this is an easy resolution to achieve! (As a resolution bonus, consider the paint color of the door your wreath came off of.  Are you happy with it? Could it be more “cheerful”? A fresh coat of paint on the front door can do wonders for curb appeal.)


Resolution #2:  I will take care of spring cleaning early.

This one sounds hard, but if you think about it, it actually makes perfect sense. As the name indicates, spring cleaning happens in the springtime, just in time for the winds to change and the birds to start chirping. Who wants to be stuck inside cleaning just after we are free of the aforementioned doldrums of winter?  Instead, get the majority of your spring cleaning done in the dead of winter. Reseal your granite, have rugs cleaned (or replaced), check smoke alarm batteries, and touch up any chipping paint on your cabinets. You probably have to be inside anyway and won’t have to miss out on the nicer weather come springtime!


Resolution #3:  I will plan ahead for my next remodeling project.

I know it seems like the dog days of summer are a long way away, but if you are hoping to take on a significant remodeling project in the warmer months, you need to start taking action right away.  Remodeling companies and design-build firms are filling their schedules quickly this year and often have anywhere from a 3-to-6-month backlog. The timelines vary from project to project, but if you are thinking of summer or fall work, start contacting remodeling companies now. You will be glad you did.

Resolution #4: I will stop comparing my home to my neighbor’s home.

While we are all always trying to “keep up with the Joneses,” try to make a conscious effort to worry less about what everyone else is doing to remodel/decorate/design their homes and just focus on your own. Other people may have a different layout than you, a different budget than you, or a completely different style aesthetic than you. The phrase I probably say the most during my design meetings is, “This is your house, and you need to do what makes you happy.”  Even though you may see a thousand pictures of white kitchens on, don’t feel like you can’t switch it up and do navy painted cabinets or a dark stain. Although your design professionals may try to introduce you to new and different ideas, always remember that ultimately, yours is the only opinion that matters!


Cheers to a happy home in 2017!


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