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How Long Does the Interior Design Process Take?

Of course it depends on the extent of the scope of your interior design project and how complex it is. It should be noted that most people who have never worked with a designer don’t realize the extent to which interior design is a time consuming process.

Following are a few basic scenarios that run through the design tasks generally needed to complete a specific type of project. All projects are different and will vary, so this listing represents the average scenario. Designers charge from $100 to $200/hr., in general. The designers at Masters Touch charge $125/hr.

Designing and delivering one room of window treatments – approx. 12-15 design hours, from start to completion of installation. A sample list of the tasks needed for this kind of project: traveling to the house, meeting and discussing ideas, measuring and taking photographs, sketching style ideas on the spot, searching for appropriate fabrics, presenting fabrics for selection, requesting quotes from the workroom, narrowing it down to the preferred fabric, arranging for workroom measure, providing complete estimates, getting approval to move forward, ordering fabric, lining up workroom, arranging for installation and follow-ups.

Designing a kitchen – approx. 25 – 30 hours from start to final walk-through. A sample list of tasks needed for this: traveling to the house, meeting and discussing ideas, measuring and taking pictures, conceptualizing layout ideas, presenting 2-3 design plans, receiving approval of one design layout, creating visuals in 3-dimensional perspective views for approval, meeting client to select cabinetry, meeting client to select countertops, meeting client to select plumbing fixtures, providing a lighting plan, providing revised plans and selections, pricing selections and getting final approvals of selections and drawings, getting project into production, placing and tracking orders, interfacing with project foreman during construction phase. Design responsibilities diminish during construction.

Designing a bathroom – approx. 16-25 hours from start to final walk-through. The tasks are very similar to a kitchen with most of the tasks requiring less time, though the selection of plumbing parts will take longer.

The duration of any of the tasks listed above will vary greatly, depending on the client and their ability to make decisions, and again, the complexity of the project. Sometimes receiving approval on budget or layout takes fifteen minutes and sometimes it takes days. Some clients can select their materials very quickly while others have more difficulty and take weeks longer. So, it’s sometimes difficult to assess and estimate the duration of a project before it begins. The above information can be used as a general guideline of the time it takes.

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