How to Create Your Own Personal Space at Home

How to Create Your Own Personal Space at Home

personal-craft-area-spaceRegardless of whether you live as a couple or a family with kids or whether you have an open floorplan in your home or not, it is important that both adults each have a place within the house, to call their own.  This can be as small as a quiet corner reading nook or as large as most of the basement or garage.  Having your own area where you can relax, unwind and retreat from the universe is therapeutic and can be key to a balanced and happy lifestyle.

But first, make sure the main living areas of the house are set up to accommodate the family, so your individual spaces remain your own.

Cozy personal Space
A comfy sofa and library create a personal reading space.

Next, each space can be decorated the way each of you wants – nobody else can dictate what you put into your space and you can set it up how your heart desires!  If your personal space is a small area that requires delineation, a portable screen should just do the trick.  You’ll want a comfy sofa or oversized chair with ottoman, maybe a library of good books, a TV or both, plenty of pillows, throws, some lamps and your own personal inspiration on the walls!  Of course, the style and subject matter will differ between the man cave and the woman cave, but these will be the essential elements of the room in both cases!  Anytime you can incorporate a fireplace, take advantage of that opportunity too!   The idea is complete relaxation!

All the elements for a creative personal space.

If you want to take it a step further, you can incorporate creative materials, a table with a good chair, storage for supplies and good task lighting.  Now you’ve got a private sanctuary and hobby/craft space combined!

The only rules for creating your private sanctuary space are – there are no rules!  Just make sure it’s comfortable.  If you have any trouble creating a cozy, comfortable, inviting space, simply search for inspiration on design websites and/or sites related to your interest or theme for the room. Enjoy!

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