Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Here are some great bedroom decorating ideas.  The bedroom is our place of relaxation, sleep and rejuvenation.  It is the place we always return to at the end of the day to eliminate stress.  It is the most personal and private space in the home.  So, when thinking about the design of this special room, much thought and reflection should go into it.  As one would expect, the space should look and feel peaceful and uncluttered.  It should provide an instant feeling of relaxation.

The first things we see when entering the bedroom are the bed, walls and flooring.  Therefore, these all need to be done in predominantly soothing colors and tones.  Neutrals, earth tones, warm colors and pastels are the best choices for the largest areas of the bedroom.   If your personality craves bright colors, by all means add some in.  However, it is best to merely “punch” the space with the brighter colors rather than use them as the entire background or field of color, as a lot of bright color variation  will create restlessness.  Remember, the space is designed to stimulate relaxation!  Choose the active areas of the house for bright colors.  Also, the color scheme must be complementary so the colors naturally blend.

The bed is the focal point of all bedrooms.  It is therefore the most important element both visually and functionally.  First, make sure you select the right size bed in proportion to the space.  A huge California King may dwarf a small bedroom, whereas a queen may retain the scale and balance.  A double may be too small which would also appear juvenile in a large space.  So, the choice of bed size is very important!  Make sure the covering is tasteful, stylish and sophisticated.

Regardless of the flooring material, bedrooms need at least an area rug if not wall-to-wall carpet.  This provides that feeling of coziness, warmth and security as well as a soft place to step with bare feet!  The (adult) bedroom must also have an air of sophistication.   This means the finishes should be at least somewhat elegant and neatly appointed which will further the restful feeling as well as pay off the fact that this is the bedroom of an adult (too often it’s hard to tell).  Again, the color and pattern should be somewhat understated and blend with the rest of the room. Soft, neutral textures are great for adding depth and sophistication while maintaining a clean look.

Finally, the walls should also be generally neutral.  This means a soft paint color or wallpaper with texture or a subtle pattern that adds a bit of personality.  Nicely framed artwork that is neatly positioned will provide balance and style.   This is not a space where bold, geometric and optic wallpaper patterns are appropriate.  However, color in the artwork will brighten the room without disturbing the overall restful atmosphere.

These basic principles will get the space started.  If you want to be certain you are creating the perfect bedroom space for you, a professional interior designer will know how to put it all together for you!  Let us know if your bedroom is in need of a makeover!

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