Interior Design – Frequently Asked Questions

I am often asked these questions regarding the Interior Design as it relates to the Design-Build Process:

How long will the design work take?   The timing of the design depends on many factors. The designer or salesperson will give you a design estimate based on the description of the scope of the project following the initial meeting.  In every case, the length of time needed will depend both on the size and scope of the project and on how quickly you make decisions. If there are lots of changes and revisions to selections, the design time will need to be increased.

How involved in the process do I need to be?  We encourage your input, especially in the beginning as we establish your needs and objectives.  Once the project is underway, you’ll need to make decisions regarding selections recommendations.  Beyond that, you may wish to step back and allow your designer to coordinate the project or be more involved, whatever suits you!

How do we make selections?  Masters Touch has a good sample library in-house, which we update and add to on a regular basis.  We have tile, flooring, fabrics, carpets, rugs, blinds, window treatments, wall coverings, cabinetry selections and other samples.  We also have trade relationships with the Boston Design Center Showrooms, local plumbing suppliers, granite and marble fabricators and showrooms, flooring resources and other local vendors where we can meet and make selections.

Can I get a discount on some items? Yes!  Because we receive discounts from vendors, we in turn pass along discounts to our clients.  The amount of the discount will vary from vendor to vendor and product line to product line.

What’s included in the designer’s time? The designer’s time includes but is not limited to: travel, measuring, communications (including emails), client meetings, product searches, CAD design renderings and drawings, carpenters and other trade meetings and communications, administrative time (including estimating and tracking projects plus ordering materials), walkthroughs, on-site visits, vendor and supplier meetings and visits, color and other design consultations, selections assistance, concepts and ideas and all other design-related activities.

How do I sign up? When you are ready to work with our design team, we’ll provide a retainer agreement with pricing and a description of the design work required.  Or, you can opt to have the design of your space done before you commit to the contract for the construction of the project. This is called a “Design Only” project. Just ask your salesperson about this option and whether this fits into your overall objectives.

There are a lot of additional questions I get asked, but this list should help give you a good idea of how the interior design process works when planning a design-build project. Feel free to contact Masters Touch anytime with questions or for a consultation.

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