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Kitchen Design continues to evolve.  The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is a must for kitchen designers.. This is the annual venue where all of the new kitchen and bath products are introduced to the building trades and plenty of incredible, new “stuff” was unleashed this year! Some of this year’s winners (and many of our favorites) are as follows:

1. Best in Show and Best of Kitchen – Gold: Dacor – Discovery™ iQ 30″ Wall Oven. The world’s first wall oven to feature an integrated, wirelessly-connected tablet. Coined the “smartest” oven by CNET, its control panel features mobile technology for cooking control from both inside and outside the home via any smart phone or tablet. CNET is the premier destination for tech product reviews, news, price comparisons, free software downloads, videos, etc.
2. Best of Kitchen – Silver: Glideware. Glideware allows you to hang your cookware AND keep it out of sight. Not only that, it arrives fully assembled and ready to install easily in any cabinet. Glideware prevents dings and scratches to cookware, extends cookware fully out of the cabinet for easy access, uses adjustable and removable hooks to accommodate any size or shape of cookware, and organizes a wide variety of hard-to-handle items.
3. Best of Bath-Gold: Delta®Tempo20™ Technology. Delta Faucet presents its complete line of beverage faucets, which now feature optional Touch2O® Technology, allowing users to turn the faucet on and off with a simple tap. Available in a traditional or transitional styles that will coordinate with nearly any décor, Delta® beverage faucets provide a stylish outlet for filtered water or cold water taps.
4. Best of KBIS 2014 – Discovery® WineStation. The Discovery® WineStation is the first automated, temperature-controlled, four bottle wine dispensing and preservation system for the home. The WineStation allows users to choose the right wine and just the right amount every time, be it a taste, half glass or a full glass—all with the simple touch of a finger. It not only displays and dispenses fine wines, but keeps contents tasting just as the vintner intended for up to 60 days, even after opening.
5. Best of KBIS 2014 – Pierre Habitat Hardware. Artisanal Cabinet Pulls and Knobs made from recycled glass jars, bottles, and windows. A collection made out of the exquisite Vetrazzo recycled glass surfaces color mixes. Ours and your contribution to a more sustainable better looking environment!

Amazing new innovations for your kitchen
Amazing new innovations for your kitchen

6. Best of KBIS 2014 – Sharp’s Microwave Drawer. This is an under-counter unit that can be seamlessly integrated into any kitchen plan. By a push or a pull, Sharp’s Easy Open system activates a motor to open or close the drawer automatically. For even easier access, the control panel also features open and close buttons for one-finger operation. The drawer is available in 24- and 30-in. models.
7. Best of KBIS 2014 – JTech Solutions, Inc. The Docking Drawer: USB charger and electrical outlet. The Docking Drawer gives you a convenient and safe way to eliminate cords and chargers that clutter your space. Best installed during new construction, the Docking Drawer can also be retrofitted into cabinet drawers that meet the minimum dimensional requirements. The Docking Drawer is specifically designed for charging personal electronic devices and is limited to 3A/375w. Drawer not included.
8. Best of KBIS 2014 – Crystal Colors Shower Walls: Swan introduces CRYSTAL COLORS for select Swanstone shower wall kits, individual panels and custom vanity tops. Available in six designer colors, this palette offers a distinct range of expressive color experiences that reflect the natural world. Available in 72-inch and 96-inch height shower wall kits and panels, CRYSTAL COLORS are inspired by nature, driven by innovation and carry the same attention to detail and superb quality as other Swanstone products.
9. Best of KBIS 2014 – EnGrain EnDURE Permanent Oil Finish countertopsis a proprietary oil & wax applied to EnGRAIN wood countertops during the production process. It molecularly bonds with the wood fibers, sealing the countertop for superior protection against moisture and stains. The end result is a beautiful, yet low-maintenance surface for high-traffic kitchens and baths.
10. Best of KBIS 2014 – InSinkErator 3N1 All-in-One kitchen tap. The 3N1 All-in-One provides the convenience of near-boiling water on demand from the same faucet that delivers both cool and hot tap water. The 3N1 combines a contemporary mixer tap with an instant hot water dispenser to provide unfiltered cold and hot water or filtered, near-boiling water on the spot.
11. Best of KBIS 2014 – Viking Professional French-Door Double Ovenintroduces total convenience and the same superior power and performance as other Viking Professional ovens. Side swing doors turn this traditional oven into a modern amenity, putting accessibility to your dish within arm’s reach.

Great New products for your kitchen
Great new products for your kitchen

In addition to all of these amazing new products, there were many great new LED lighting fixtures introduced; from sleek and compact under cabinet models to miniature pendants and every other type of fixture imaginable! Also, we now have new, unique decorative hardware styles, solid surface countertop materials and colors, cabinetry styles, colors and great new storage solutions, incredible new appliances (including advanced induction methods) and many new accessories for both the kitchen and the bath.

The kitchen is evolving into a much more high-tech environment. As a designer at Masters Touch Design-Build, I enjoy sharing new technology and design innovations with my clients!

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