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Bathroom Design Trends

Bathroom design should not be overlooked.  Bathrooms have become the second most important resale amenity (behind kitchens) in the home.  Also, most homeowners have come to view the bathroom as a place of retreat, where they can relax and luxuriate in an effort to eliminate the stresses of the day.  So, bathrooms have become more comfortable, spa-like and peaceful while designers are incorporating many modern amenities which homeowners appreciate from a personal lifestyle standpoint as well as knowing their investment will improve the resale value of their home.

Following are 10 current bathroom trends

  1. Larger showers – everyone wants a large, airy shower.  Many of my clients will want to eliminate the existing tub with the objective of enlarging the shower.  And the old shower inserts are being removed in favor of floor to ceiling tile which plays off the spa look and feel; the use of tile visually opens up the shower space.  Also, frameless glass doors and enclosures are definitely the current trend; we use them in almost all of our bathroom designs.
  2. Changes in tubs – the noisy, Jacuzzi-type tubs are being replaced with quiet soaking tubs in a large percentage of baths.  And, the large (in many cases over-sized and somewhat dangerous) tub decks that were trendy in recent years are being reduced or removed to make space for a different tub shape (options are much more diverse today) or a free-standing tub which is sharply increasing in popularity.
  3. Ventilation –  a properly ducted vent/fan is a must in today’s bathrooms.  Not only do most towns now require this, but these newer, quieter models are more powerful, reduce or eliminate the excess moisture and improve indoor air quality.  As a result, the finishes within the bathroom will last longer as well.  And the vent can be purchased with several combinations including a light, a night light or heat unit included.
  4. Hiding the toilet – one of the biggest trends we are seeing in both new construction and higher-quality remodels is “privatization of the toilet.”  In other words, giving the master bath’s toilet its own private room, or at least a privacy wall.  Also, relocating the toilet where it makes sense, and where it’s inconspicuous.
  5. Media in the bath – many new high-end bathrooms are being fitted with flat screen TVs to provide a bit of entertainment while relaxing in the tub or to just catch up on the news.  They can be installed as artwork on the wall or creatively behind a mirror.  They are so thin now that this has become a fairly easy upgrade and people love it!
  6.  Better storage – bathroom vanities are now made with many different configurations depending on the sink placement, plumbing, etc.  But, they also offer more drawers and smaller compartments which makes sense with the types and sizes of items we store in a bathroom.  Further, we are incorporating tall, utility type cabinets to match the vanity which create lots of great and practical bathroom storage and take advantage of height without taking up valuable bathroom space.  Often these will allow for an interior outlet to house small bathroom appliances, lighted mirrors, etc.  For long double sink vanities, we can use a countertop cabinet that acts as a divider and provides a decorative, furniture look as well as offers additional storage.  An important ingredient to that feel of serenity and airiness is to have all of the bathroom products and appliances off the counters and put away.
  7. Double vanities – this is a trend that has become more commonplace and expected in master baths and many shared hall baths.  It is also a big resale item.  Two vanities allow for each person to have his or her own space and storage.  Sinks have evolved into aesthetic pieces with many different styles, sizes and colors and are made of several different materials.  Faucets come in many different forms now as well:  widespread with two handles, single handle, tall, short, bar-style, wall-mounted and more.
  8. Radiant heated floors –  another “comfort” amenity, radiant heated floors are very much on the rise.  Instead of stepping onto cold tiles, radiant heat is installed underneath the flooring material creating warmth underfoot as well as heating the room.  A thermostat is installed for control.  Over the past few years the cost has actually levelled off so it is now a more affordable amenity as well.
  9. Better tiles – the days of glazed ceramics are changing over to the newer porcelain tiles that have such a realistic natural stone look that they often make more sense than the real thing, both economically as well as a practically.  Porcelain is a fraction of the cost of marble, limestone, slate or other natural stone tiles.  Porcelain is also non-porous and more durable so it will look great for a much longer time and stains won’t permeate like they do with natural stone.  One of the current looks is wood; porcelain tile comes in plank format with the look and graining detail of natural wood.  Glass tiles have become very popular too; they are beautiful and there are so many style options that a custom look in the bath is easy to achieve!
  10. Green products:  With so much interest today in luxury and comfort– heated floors, soaking tubs and TVs, we can’t forget the larger trend in home remodeling: sustainability and green products. There are several ways to make your improvements more energy-efficient.  Here are just a few: If you do put in a radiant heated floor, or a vent, make sure they are attached to a timer.  Also, look into the new low-flow toilets, more efficient showerheads and faucets and on-demand water heaters.  Using green products has become easier than in the past with a wide array of energy-efficient products available.

Putting all of this together and creating your dream bath can be overwhelming unless you invest in professionals.  Masters Touch has created scores of great bathroom spaces and our professional interior designers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, tile installers and painters all work together to ensure it is the perfect space!


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