New Home Construction MA: 3 Hiring Tips

New Home Construction MA: 3 Hiring Tips

The current economy continues to dictate a more frugal approach for hiring new home construction MA contractors.

Don’t think for a minute less-reputable building and remodeling companies are not cutting corners to accommodate expenses. In fact, many of these businesses have jeopardized their reputations by deceiving their customers,.

It’s a terribly unprofessional situation. But it is a reality every homeowner should be aware of lurking in the market.

New Home Construction MA Tip #1: Reputation

It is imperative you evaluate who you hire. Doing so ensures you not only get what you are paying for but the quality of workmanship is not compromised by cost-cutting.

A reputable company will always have a Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor License (HIC).

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Most home improvement projects require a Construction Supervisor’s License (CSL). Make sure the company you are considering has one or several members of the staff with these credentials.

New Home Construction MA Tip #2: Insurance

Confirm the company you are considering is fully insured with liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Ask for proof of insurance. Call their agent listed on their paperwork to ensure you are getting the real thing. Amazingly, many contractors fabricate insurance papers or keep two sets of books to minimize their insurance costs.

This is important when considering new home construction MA contractors. If you hire an under or uninsured company then you assume all insurance coverage.

If injury or property damage occurs and the company you hired is not covered, you are liable.

New Home Construction MA Tip #3: Tenured Talent

Your home is usually your number one asset.

So make sure you hire a company with the experience and know how to bid and manage your project.

Look for a company that has been in business under the same name for at least 10 years.


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