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Design Build Overview

Our staff here at Masters Touch Design Build believes that fine home building and remodeling is an art form, and that a well designed and implemented project will stand as a testimonial to our commitment to quality and service for generations to come.  With that said, there are thousands of very “artsy” contractors who have no idea how to run a business.  The end result is a job that is never properly finished, with uncapped cost overruns, and a tenuous relationship between the contractor and the homeowner.

In reality, most contractors use “unforeseen condition” charges to rectify their profits at your expense once they have started a project and subsequently realize what they omitted in the initial bidding stage.  Or worse, they artificially deflate the cost of the job knowing the design plans are incomplete.  This “wins” them the job that, in the end, costs as much if not more than if you hired the contractor who took enough time to properly evaluate your project and provide a pre-design price range. Masters Touch employs scientific project design and management methods that help prevent this from occurring.  First of all, everything we do is based on a trusting relationship between our design build group and our customers.  Once trust is established, the design and bid process can become more Design Build transparent.  We provide a pre-design budget range for a project based on a general description of the scope of work to be done, and then request a deposit at that time if the client is moving forward with our services. To some, the concept of committing to a contractor before getting a final fixed price may seem counter intuitive; but in reality, it is the smartest thing you can do.  When a contractor provides a fixed price up front, it is almost entirely implausible to believe that their project manager or their design staff has never heard of you or your dream home.  It’s impossible to quote most projects without going through a comprehensive design process and arranging site visits for most trades. Once Masters Touch is hired, we employ a well-planned process to move your project from the conceptual stages to completion.  Our designers and project managers work in harmony to ensure that what we’re designing can be built by our master craftsmen within the agreed to budget range. The bottom line?  Find a contractor you can trust.  Check references and hire a contractor with at least 15 years of experience and who has been able to build systems that will ensure a positive result. And don’t be fooled by low prices!  Massachusetts homeowners know that in the home remodeling and design business, you most definitely get what you pay for.

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