Painter Willy Barrera is Masters Touch June Performer of the Month

“Painter Willy Barrera is my longest tenured employee and for good reason,” says Masters Touch owner Doug Masters.  “Willy recently celebrated his fifteenth year with the company.  I and everyone who works here are blessed to have a person of such character and integrity continually setting the bar high in both workmanship and friendship.  Simply put, he’s a great guy.”

Ask Willy how he feels about such effusive praise and he smiles and says simply but directly, “I love to paint!”

A native of Guatemala, Willy first came in contact with Masters Touch through the classifieds.  After an interview with Doug, in which Willy repeated his mantra – I just love to paint, he was given an opportunity in the company and he ran with it.

“I asked him to give me a chance as a painter,” he says now.  “He did and I’ve been here ever since.”

Doug remembers loving Willy’s attitude and desire.  “I knew this guy could be an inspiration to future employees because of his work ethic and easy going personality.”

As his career as a professional painter begins leaning towards retirement, Willy has definite plans for a future of leisure, painting of course, riding his motorcycle and building a house with his wife in Guatemala.

“There is much to love here,” he says, “and I love working for Doug, but I hate the cold . . . the winters here!  So I’ve decided to return home after my youngest child is on her own and settled.  My wife and I have plans to build a nice home on a piece of land she owns.”

How Did Willy Become a Passionate Painter?

So what’s to explain his passion for painting?

“I just love it,” he says with a shrug.  “I really do.  To look up when I’m finished, there is a feeling of pride that the job is done and done right.  I feel that way on every job.”

And his enthusiasm is infectious.  According to Doug, his professionalism, gentle nature and positive attitude sets the perfect example for other employees.  Over the last fifteen years Willy has become an ideal representative for Masters Touch and it all started with a simple declaration of his love for his profession and the purposeful stroke of a painter’s brush.

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