Paul Kelter – April’s Performer of the Month

“One of the best things about working at Masters Touch is the camaraderie among the whole team.  We care about our work, the finished product, and we all work together as a unit. We also care deeply about our customers.   That’s the mark of a great company.”

Paul Kelter started at Masters Touch over two years ago and along with specific responsibilities he has become something of a Jack-of-all-trades.  Trust within the company has to be earned and according to Masters Touch owner Doug Masters, Paul fit in so quickly and so smoothly because he understood and appreciated the Core Value System of the company and his enthusiasm became infectious.

“Paul really has become one of the go to guys,” Doug says.  “A lot of it has to do with his past experience, but it’s his ability to really work well with everyone that earned him April’s Performer of the Month.”

Paul’s contributions have been varied and impressive.  He is a carpenter in the field and is keen to continue improving his skills under the Masters Touch banner.

Paul Leads The Safety Charge – OSHA and Lead Safe Certifications

He also wrote the safety manual for the company and is an OSHA Safety Compliance Officer, conducting routine safety seminars for Masters Touch employees.  In addition to that he also wrote the lead paint manual – an involved dissertation on the implementation of regulations aimed at preventing lead poisoning when work is performed on houses built prior to 1978 that contain lead paint.

“My responsibilities at Masters Touch have increased and I welcome the challenge,” Paul contends.  “I have worked with all of the crews.  I just really love working with these people.”

His hectic schedule notwithstanding, Paul is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying hiking, camping and skiing with longtime girlfriend Janet.  He also studies Wing Tsun, a form of mixed martial arts incorporating an aggressive self-defense system that allows one to adapt immediately to the size, strength and fighting style of an attacker.

”Paul has been a great addition to the Masters Touch team,” Doug concludes.  “He fits in so well because he’s just like everyone else who works here – professional, dedicated and a team player.”

The words team, camaraderie and dedication seem to resonate with Paul.  A positive thinker, he looks forward to a long, prosperous and enjoyable career with a company that seems to fit him like a glove.

“Various jobs keep the job itself fresh for me,” he says.  “That’s why I love working here and will continue to do all I can to help maintain and improve the company.”

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