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Plan Ahead for your Bathroom Remodel

Plan Ahead for your Bathroom Remodel!

There are so many variables to consider for your bathroom remodel!  I’ve found that unless you’ve already experienced a bathroom remodel, you probably don’t realize the number of trades that are needed, how long it all takes, or how your existing conditions can affect costs.

Planning ahead can save money and time!  Following are some factors and guidelines to help you plan a successful bathroom remodel:

  • (10) trades are typically needed for a full gut bathroom remodel: demolition team, plumber, electrician, carpenter, granite company, tile installer, plaster professional, glass company, painters, and cleaning crew. Some projects also require an HVAC professional if heating/cooling needs are changing.
  • (5) local inspections are required in Massachusetts: rough plumbing, rough electrical, finished plumbing, finished electrical and final inspection of the entire project.

Bath Remodel Masters Touch 4Knowing these things before undertaking a full bathroom remodel will provide you with the understanding that bathroom remodels take several weeks longer than you might think.  Of course, no two projects are the same, so project duration will vary depending on scope. Efficient scheduling of these trades and inspections takes a seasoned, professional project manager, so select your contractor carefully.  Contractors with established trade relationships and long-term experience will generally provide you with a more efficient timeline and thus, shorter duration, not to mention a better-quality job!

When designing your new bath, you’ll also need to know about the following factors to properly plan and prepare yourself for additional costs:

  • Moving a toilet is often costlier than moving a shower or vanity.
  • Moving or adding sinks and faucets requires new plumbing.
  • Moving a tub or shower requires new plumbing.
  • If you have an older home, chances are your plumbing isn’t up to the current codes, so even without moving bathroom fixtures, additional plumbing will likely be needed.
  • Electrical needs can require extra costs as well. Consider lighting, GFI receptacles, vent fan, switches.
  • If you have a window near a tub and the glass isn’t tempered, you may be required to install tempered glass, which will represent another increase.

You should investigate your existing conditions ahead of time and try to keep your fixtures in their existing locations wherever possible, if you have a limited budget.

Also, plan on price increases for these premium bathroom elements:
  • FramBath Remodel Masters Toucheless glass.
  • Custom vanities, especially double vanities in a painted finish, and those with furniture foot elements.
  • Free-standing tubs with floor-mounted tub fillers.
  • Radiant heated floors.
  • Premium natural stone or quartz, natural stone tile, extensive use of glass tile, borders.


There’s still a lot more to know about bathroom remodeling, but if you’ll just consider the information you have here, you will increase your success and reduce your stress when undertaking the project.  And, remember: bathroom remodels are the second highest return on investment (right behind kitchens), so your bathroom remodel will give your home higher resale value, not to mention personal enjoyment in the meantime.

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