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Project Profile: Alberta Kitchen Renovation

Project Profile: Alberta Kitchen Renovation

This job is a kitchen renovation that brought this kitchen up to date aesthetically and improved upon the value of the home for future resale. The new kitchen has also increased efficiency and functionality in the space.  

The clients’ main goals were to:

·         Enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen to make it fit more into their transitional style while also considering resale value

·         Improve the lighting (both natural and artificial) for functionality and aesthetics with lighting layers

·         Maximize storage efficiency

The existing kitchen at 25 Alberta was original to the 1990s house, so it was basic, out of date, and impractical in many ways.  The builder-grade cabinets, laminate counters, and dated wallpaper did nothing to appeal to the clients’ classic transitional design style. Plus, these clients had resale on the brain and knew that this kitchen would not help them sell their home.


kitchen renovation
BEFORE: The old kitchen was straight out of the 1990s. It was time for an upgrade.


To address the aesthetic upgrades, the design selections in this kitchen renovation included crisp white cabinets, luxurious marble tile, low-maintenance porcelain floors, and extra thick quartz countertops.  These selections are both up-to-date, but also timeless, so that a future buyer could enjoy them for years to come. And because the quartz countertops and porcelain tile floors are so low maintenance, they won’t have any issues with the longevity of these materials.

kitchen renovation
AFTER: Ahh! So much better! The remodeled kitchen is the perfect culmination of the clients’ design styles.


Previously, there was nothing that added any “pizzazz” to the space.  An old hutch was a spot for junk to collect. In the corner by the garage entrance, you can also see a gym bag just peeking out in the corner. The kitchen was really just a “catch-all” for day to day life.

kitchen renovation
Before: Who would have thought that this hutch had any potential?


To bring in a big pop of personality, the hutch was painted a deep blue and is now being used for its purpose. Even though the clients had resale on their brain, they were still encouraged to make decisions based on their preferences, not those of a future buyer. And that area by the garage? It has been completely remodeled as a mudroom!

kitchen renovation
After: The hutch looks completely different and adds that “pizzazz” this kitchen needed. The area by the garage door was also repurposed to be a fully functioning mudroom area.


Another goal we addressed was the need for improved lighting. While there were recessed lights, they were placed so that the light hit the back of the clients’ heads, instead of the counter space, which would cast shadows. The natural light also needed to be improved upon. To do so, a new taller window was installed to bring in more natural light to the new kitchen. The new lighting plan features recessed lighting over the counter surface, so that the light is given where it is needed. Pendant lights and a dramatic chandelier were added over the island and table. These act as both decorative lighting (as they fit right in to the transitional styling of the space) and also task lighting.  Another form of task lighting in this kitchen is undercabinet lighting, which provides extra task lighting at the perimeter prep area. It also doubles as ambient lighting when used alone to provide a “warm and cozy” feel.

kitchen renovation
Before (left) and After (right) of the improved lighting.


In the old kitchen, one of the major issues was storage. The insides of the cabinets were bursting at the seams, and nothing was organized or easy to find. The pantry closet in particular proved to be difficult to organize and frankly, unpleasant to look at.  Nothing had a proper home. 

kitchen renovation
Before: The pantry closet in the corner was a nightmare to organize.


In the new kitchen, spices and canned goods have a home to the left of the range, cooking utensils live in the top drawer of the island, and the old pantry closet has been converted into a floor-to-ceiling pantry unit with roll trays inside so nothing will ever get lost in the back of the pantry again.


kitchen renovation
AFTER: The fridge remained in the same location, but a full height pantry cabinet replaced the pantry closet. It features pull out trays to ensure pantry goods don’t get lost in the back.


One of the unique challenges in this project was working with the 9’ tall ceilings. While high ceilings are a desired element, it can be tricky working with them when the clients aren’t doing custom cabinetry. The semi-custom cabinetry line used on this project maxed out the mounting height of all cabinets at 96”.  That left a full foot of “air” above the cabinets, just like in the old kitchen. The goal was to get the cabinets and crown to reach the ceiling, so the height of the ceilings could be highlighted. The cabinet line also did not offer a 12” tall stack molding, so several molding pieces, soffit pieces, and crown moldings were configured in a way that allowed the crown to hit the ceiling. Now, the tall ceilings are a true statement!

 In fact, this whole kitchen makes a statement, and our clients are thrilled with the end result of their kitchen renovation.

kitchen renovation
Before and After Recap


To see more “After” pictures, click here








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