Shortage of Skilled Labor Effecting Many Home Builders and Remodelers But Not Masters Touch

In a recent article Reuters reported that there is a shortage of skilled labor in the housing industry which is affecting many home builders and remodeling companies both here in Massachusetts and throughout the US.    This shortage is of concern for the overall economic recovery and homeowners too.    We’re happy to report that this trend has not affected Masters Touch.

What is Causing the Shortage of Skilled Labor for Home Builders and Remodeling Companies?

The most recent downturn in the housing sector was so severe and lasted so long that many skilled craftsmen found work in other industries.   Now that the economic climate for the housing and remodeling industries is starting to rebound, these skilled workers have to make a choice to return to home building and remodeling or stay in their new industries.    For many the still uncertain economic climate of the industry has given them pause.

Why Wasn’t Masters Touch Affected by the Shortage of Skilled Labor?

Masters Touch is a different type of company.  We aren’t just a new home builder or home remodeling company here in Massachusetts.  Instead we are a full service company that our customers turn to for everything from renovations, additions, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling to needed general home maintenance for the exterior or interior of their home.  To be a true full service company that delivers exceptional quality workmanship we need to have a staff of highly skilled craftsmen.   Our business model has meant that our team has remained busy even during the difficult economic times.

As a result we are ready and available to help you with any project you may have.  Contact us today at 508-359-5900 or click here to schedule you no obligation consultation.  Whether you are planning to build your new custom home, tackle an addition, renovation, or remodeling project, or are in need of interior or exterior painting, a new roof, or interior design services the highly skilled professionals at Masters Touch are available to assist you with an exceptional level or customer service and craftsmanship.

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