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Surprising Home Trends of 2016

Surprising Home Trends of 2016

I tend to be cautious when speaking of home trends. Often, the word “trend” scares people as they automatically believe a “trend” is something that is going to go out of style in a short amount of time. While this is often true, there are some trends that have longevity, and from a design standpoint, they are important to acknowledge. Inspired from Elle Décor’s article by Bridget Mallon, here are some trends from 2016 so far that have the potential to stick around for a while:


Slate/Black Stainless Steel Appliances:

Although stainless steel is still king in the appliance finish world, there is a new finish available and ready to take on the market. Black stainless steel or slate appliances offer an interesting alternative to the shine and fingerprint-prone stainless steel. It has been described as being a warmer alternative to traditional stainless and works well in sleek contemporary kitchens. Stainless steel appliances will not be fading away any time soon, but if you are looking for a unique and smudge proof option, a black stainless appliance suite may be the way to go!

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Black Stainless Steel appliances from KitchenAid

Matte Finishes:

Along the same vein as black stainless steel, we are noticing an overall trend in less shiny materials. Matte black cabinet hardware, oxidized zinc table tops, and iron light fixtures, among other accessories are all the rage right now. “The simplicity of the surface allows the color and design to be the focus rather than the texture of your materials,” says Shannon Malone of Fireclay Tile. Even the ever-timeless glazed white subway tile can get a little style boost when it is in a matte finish. That being said, don’t feel you have to get rid of all things shiny—polished finishes are not going out of style, but consider mixing a shiny finish with a matte finish for a stunning contrast.

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An example of a space with matte finishes from www.homedit.com

Mixed Materials in Kitchens:

Looking for a great way to mix polished and matte finishes?  How about in the kitchen!  A big kitchen trend of this year has been mixing materials, often from different design influences. According to a survey by Masterbrand Cabinets, the most popular kitchen styles these days are “modern farmhouse” and “rustic industrial”.  Both of these styles are almost oxymorons in name and lend themselves to a wide variety of materials and finishes for an eclectic and personalized space. Check out this kitchen below I designed as an example that has rustic hand-scraped wood floors, sleek man-made quartz countertops, traditional subway tile in a non-traditional color, and a pop of animal print.

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A kitchen designed by Alex Yavarow of Masters Touch Design Build firm of Holliston, Massachusetts that utilizes mixed materials.

Mismatched Cabinets:

Another way to achieve the mixed materials look in a kitchen is to bring in a bold accent color or texture in cabinetry.  An all-white kitchen is timeless, but how about a white kitchen with a navy blue island?  Or, if you are really brave (and have a large kitchen), take 3 or 4 colors that work well together and combine them in to one cohesive space, like this kitchen below from Diamond Cabinetry. By keeping sleek lines and neutrals elsewhere in the space, the bold color choices are able to make a statement without being egregious or overtly trendy.

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An example of a kitchen with several different cabinet finishes from Diamond Cabinetry.

Bottom line: no one knows how long these home trends are going to last, but elements of the above 2016 trends, like adding a matte gold table lamp in your living room or incorporating a rustic wood shelf in your kitchen, can easily be combined into classic designs to create a unique and progressive space that is all your own.


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