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Technology in the Kitchen Makes Life Easier

Technology in the Kitchen Makes Life Easier

There was a time when having a computer screen in the car dashboard felt like something out of the Jetsons, and only the elitist of the elite had a personal smart phone. Those days are now long gone, and technological advances are so frequent and prevalent, they seem commonplace. Yet, that doesn’t mean we can’t be wowed by some of the newest technology advances. Let’s explore some of the clever uses of technology in the kitchen that we are seeing in cabinet designs.


Tablet Holder (from Masterbrand Cabinets):

The best kitchens are the kitchens that have a “home” for everything.  Your kitchen may have the spice drawer conveniently located next to your cooktop and the cooking utensils in the drawer closest to your dominant hand, but what about a spot for your tablet? Most of us look up recipes on a tablet, but it can be such a pain in the neck to try and find a spot for it on the counter that is convenient to reference but far enough away that it won’t get splattered with spaghetti sauce. The tablet holder from Masterbrand Cabinets is the perfect solution. It mounts underneath your upper cabinets so it is at a comfortable height for reading, and it is far enough away from the kitchen chaos that it stays clean and protected. When it is not needed, the clear holder folds up under the cabinet discretely. How great!

technology in the kitchen
Masterbrand Tablet Holder


Now what happens when your tablet (or other mobile device) runs out of battery?


Charging Station:

Usually when your mobile device runs out of battery life, you just find a couple outlets throughout the room or the house and charge your devices. The outlets are never in convenient locations, and at least in my house, people can trip on the charger cords. Introducing the charging station!  More and more often, kitchens are being remodeled (or retrofitted) to have a charging station somewhere in the room. Sometimes this is just a drawer that has been wired with a power strip fixed inside of it (check your local building codes). Sometimes it is a little more complex like the Masterbrand Charging Station built right in to a utility cabinet.  Either way, this conveniently stores the chargers so you always know where it is and never have to trip over the cords again!

technology in the kitchen, charging station
Masterbrand charging station inside utility cabinet.


Now what about charging those larger items like laptops?


Sensio Power Pod (Masterbrand):

The Sensio Power Pod is an excellent innovation that answers the trend of telecommuting, being mobile, and not being tied down to a desk.  The PowerPod can be installed in an island for instance, and the island instantly becomes a convenient solution for power access. From Masterbrand, the Powerpod “quickly and easily turns a kitchen island or countertop into a workspace with the use of a pop-up devise that has three electrical outlets and two USB ports.”  The PowerPod even won a Platinum Award for Design Excellence from Design Journal. See here!

asterbrand Sensio PowerPod technology in the kitchen masters touch
The award-winning Masterbrand Sensio Power Pod.

Kitchen design is constantly evolving to keep up with the modern technological era we live in. Technology in the kitchen almost goes without saying these days. These three solutions are just a glimpse of what the world of cabinetry and kitchen design has to offer. To learn more, visit us on the web at or call to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled kitchen designers.




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