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To Wallpaper or not to Wallpaper?

To Wallpaper or not to Wallpaper?

WOutdated Floral Wallpaperallpaper is a subject that many homeowners don’t even want to discuss.  I think I know why: they’ve either tried to remove improperly installed paper that literally removed part of the wall with it, or they have an image burned into their memory of that velvet flocked floral wallpaper from their grandma’s house, or both.

The truth is, wallpaper has never really gone out of style.  Wallpapers have been a prominent finish technique for centuries and are installed every day in high-end, professionally designed homes.  For today’s application, wallpaper will take an otherwise boring space and add texture, color and/or pattern; whatever is needed to elevate the space and achieve the desired effect.

It should be noted that, solid, painted walls are still expected, appropriate and beautiful (if painted professionally, though that’s another subject!).  But wallpaper is also a preferred choice for certain spaces and as an accent wall.  When homeowners are willing to open their minds, and consider papering even a single focal wall, I find they are always happy with the result!  And, if the wall is properly primed/coated for the wallpaper, the paper will come off very easily when it’s time for a change!

Textured WallpaperThere are so many great papers on the market today, depending on what you’re looking for: textures and natural fiber looks, geometrics and bold statement patterns, papers made from sand, cork, shells and other natural materials, grass cloths, themed papers, paintable embossed designs, original artwork murals and you can even create your own design through design it yourself wallpaper companies.  The ideas are virtually limitless!  It’s important to select just the right paper to create the look and feel you’re going for.  This requires the ability to perceive balance, color, scale, and light, so when in doubt, don’t hesitate to consult with an interior designer for the visual sense needed for this.

Diamond Patterned WallpaperPowder rooms and dining rooms are the most popular spaces for wallpapers because they lend themselves to a bit more personality, and with wainscoting as a popular application in dining rooms, wallpaper above the chair rail is a natural choice.  A papered, single, focal wall in a bedroom or family room can also add dimension and style versus the all solid, painted walls look, which can get a little monotonous if not paired off with the right decorative accessories and layers.  It’s often the subtle, textural patterns that add just enough interest to heighten the sophistication in the design of a master bedroom.  On the other hand, a bright, geometric pattern can add life and whimsy to a teenager’s room.  It all depends on the desired effect for each space.    Black and White Designer Wallpaper

There are many DIY home design projects that yield excellent results, but don’t try to install wallpaper on your own.  Wallpaper hanging is a trade specialty: a perfect installation will make the project, while an imperfect one will break it!  A professional installer is a must for any wallpaper project and the extra expense is worth every penny.

To Wallpaper or Not to Wallpaper?  The answer is yes!

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