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Top Five Hottest Kitchen Faucets in Kitchen Design

Top Five Hottest Kitchen Faucets in Kitchen Design

Today kitchen faucets are so much more than a means to wash the dishes or fill the pasta pot. When working on a kitchen design, I tell my clients to not make a haste decision when choosing a kitchen faucet; the faucet usually ends up being a focal point over the sink and often under the kitchen window. Using a faucet that has visual interest like sculptural and/or architectural details helps bring your kitchen from ordinary to outstanding. Here are what I would consider the 5 hottest kitchen faucets in the design industry.

Grohe “K7” Pull Out Spray Kitchen Faucet

New-grohe-k7-1-300x167, kitchen faucets

The Grohe website says it best: this faucet is “for home chefs who are as serious about design as they are about product features.” Styled after the faucets seen in professional restaurant kitchens, the Grohe “K7” can instantly elevate the feel of a residential kitchen in a similar way that restaurant grade appliances make a home kitchen feel more upscale. The kitchen faucets with professional sprayers are the latest “must have” style in facuets, according to Pull down faucets in this similar style are available in a wide range of prices and brands, so if the price tag on this fantastic Grohe model doesn’t fit your budget, search around for one that works best for you!

 Click here to purchase this kitchen faucet from for $1,054.26

Danze Opulence Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Spray

Danze-Opulence1, kitchen faucets

The styling on the Dance Opulence Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Spray is the perfect blend of antique charm and modern elegance. This is one of those faucets that can look great in a wide range of kitchen style settings. A few years ago, I used this faucet in the satin black finish in a turn of the century home, accompanied with a white fireclay farm sink and soapstone countertops. It looked (and still looks) fantastic. It is somewhat reminiscent of the old fashioned well pumps, which is why I think it works so well in an older setting. However ,in a brushed nickel or chrome, this faucet would be outstanding in a traditional/contemporary all white kitchen as well.

Click here to purchase the Danze Opulence Kitchen Faucet from Ferguson.comfor $473.76


Moen Arbor Pull Out Spray Kitchen Faucet with Spot Resistant Stainless Steel and MotionSense.

Moen-Arbor, kitchen faucets

Here is a faucet that brings in modern technology and innovation as a way to add convenience in the kitchen and in more ways than one. Firstly, Moen has developed a “spot resistant” finish on their stainless steel and brushed nickel faucets. This is a huge benefit as people with stainless steel or brushed nickel faucets can attest to. As Jen Sommer, Moen Senior Project Manager states on the website, “The Spot Resist finish is another thoughtful design feature by Moen. It resists fingerprints and water spots on the faucet, leaving you with one less item to clean every day.” Not only that, but this faucet also features MotionSense, which brings the technology previously only seen in public restroom faucets to the residential market. By simply waving your hand over the sensor on the top of the faucet or the sensor near the base, you get hands-free access to your running water. The familiar handle is still there for temperature control and also if you want to use the faucet in the more traditional way. I recently put this faucet in at a kitchen remodel in Walpole, MA, and the client loves it!

Click here to purchase the Moen Arbor Pull Out Spray with Spot Resistant Stainless Steel and MotionSense from for $554.40


Delta Faucet “Trinsic” 9159T-DST Kitchen Faucet

delta-trinsic-300x247, kitchen faucets

The “Trinsic” line is an excellent choice for someone looking for a truly modern yet elegant faucet with a little less industrial feeling than the Grohe “K7” (above). I love the clean lines, the simple handle, and the presence this has when installed. Some cool features about this particular faucet is that it can come with “Touch20 Technology”, which means that this faucet can be controlled by just a quick touch to the top, handle, or base. It also available with Delta’s “MagnaTite Docking” which ensures that the pull out faucet will stay docked in place with the help of a magnet when not in use. Available in a few different finishes, this faucet is high style without being too showy.

Click here to purchase the Delta Trinsic kitchen faucet from for $493.92


Sumerain Contemporary LED Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

sumerain, kitchen faucets

This faucet is another faucet that really takes technology to the next level. It includes an integrated LED thermal indicator, which will really blow the minds of those gadget and technology lovers out there. The LED light will make the water appear to change color based on the temperature of the water. Blue means cold, red means hot! This particular faucet has this LED feature built in, but almost any faucet can be turned in to a super cool LED faucet; you just need to buy an LED temperature indicator. If you do an internet search for them, several options come up, some for as low as $2.50! They say they can easily be added to most faucets, and at $14, it’s worth it! Having the indicator lights are particularly great for young children and work well in bathroom situations, too!

Click here to purchase this faucet: from for  $185.90

Click here to purchase a LED Temperature Indicator for your kitchen faucet from for $13.00

So there you have them—my picks for the Top 5 Hottest Kitchen Faucets in the kitchen design industry. Do you have a favorite not mentioned? Feel free to leave a comment! Until next month, happy designing!

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