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Wallpaper Trends

I hear it all the time from clients– “I have wallpaper that NEEDS to come down.”  Whether it is the kitchen, the powder room, or the bedroom, wall covering  certainly used to be the design treatment to do, but the styles of the 80s and 90s have become tired.  VERY tired. That being said, I think people have become jaded to wallpaper.  They have seen or experienced how difficult wall paper is to put up, take down, and maintain. They have heard that wallpaper is now “out.”

Well, NEWSFLASH! Wallpaper is back and cooler than ever!

View of room with nice wallpaper
Classic Wallpaper Pattern
A nice home library with wallpaper
Library with Wallpaper

These are not your grandmother’s wallpapers! Here are some styles and applications that will make you go “wow!” for wallpaper!

1.  Accent Wall in the Bedroom:  While I am not typically a fan of accent walls, a wallpapered accent wall behind the bed adds just enough drama and flair without being overwhelming. You can go in so many directions in this application. A neutral textured wallpaper or grasscloth adds interest while still being subtle, a look often seen in high end hotel rooms to add a touch of luxury. On the other hand, because we are only talking about one wall, this is a great opportunity to go bold!


A great use of patterns in the wallpaper and the furniture
Funky Bedroom Wallpaper


Tip:  I am not just speaking of the master bedroom here.  A bright, cheerful papered accent wall in a nursery would be adorable!

2.  Texture papers:  Nancy and I were poking through several wallpaper books the other day and were blown away with how many realistic looking faux texture wallpapers there were.  We found wallpapers that looked like red bricks, whitewashed bricks, shiplap, cork, stone, even tile. These papers are a great way to add an architectural element to a space where there is not one. In our new office in Holliston, MA, we are even thinking of adding some of this brick wallpaper to really emphasize the spirit of our old mill building and add some charm.

An easy way to add a new and interesting look with wallpaper
Wallpaper that simulates a stone or brick wall


3. Wallpaper on the Ceiling: The ceiling is also known in the design world as the “fifth wall.”  It is yet another surface that can add a pop of color and a surprise style element to any space.  This is an especially fun treatment in a powder room, where  I find it easier to take bigger design risks.  Wallpaper on the ceiling is also a good stepping stone to wallpaper, as a wallpapered ceiling is a lesser commitment than four wallpapered wall.

A bedroom ceiling with wallpaper, for a cozy and unique look
Wallpaper on a bedroom ceiling


Tip:  When putting wallpaper on the ceiling, make sure to keep the walls a bit more subdued so that the two planes (ceilings and walls) do not clash.

4. Use wall covering in a Closet or Dressing Room:  When I think about the dressing rooms at some of my favorite boutiques and clothing stores, they have these bold patterned walllpapers on the walls. Why not bring this into your own home?  You can find wallpaper with a stiletto shoe pattern, big metallic flower patterns, or even this pattern with silhouettes of the female form. You will have the most chic walk-in closet or dressing room around!

A dressing room with investing wallpaper
Dressing Room Wallpaper
Dressing room with wallpaper
Create interest with wallpaper


Tip: Similar idea–try out some fun wallpaper in a laundry room!

I truly could go on and on about the creative, stylish, and timeless (yes timeless!) uses and patterns for wall covering.  Hopefully this has inspired you in some way to take a second.   Feel free to call us at the office to make an appointment with one of our interior designers to browse through our dozens of wallpaper books. New ones arrive monthly, so be sure to check them out!

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